Thursday, December 22, 2011


Today I thought I would talk about how I find inspiration for painting and modifying my models. If I simply said that I look online for pictures of similar models and take ideas from other hobbyists you can argue that I'm copying them. Well you are partially correct... copying an idea and making it your own is not necessarily copying, I think of it more as inspiration. Take my Avatar for instance, I looked at a few models on coolminiornot/google and the extended sword was a recurring modification that made the model look much better. The same thing was to be said about the flames on the sword. The extended limbs wasn't a recurring mod but I really liked the idea and I thought it greatly improved the aesthetics of the model. In the end, all of these ideas inspired me to create my model.
Sometimes, certain models just scream out something to me. For those that are concerned about my well being, No I am not actually hearing voices. Take the ugliest Circle model for instance (original Gorax) when I looked at him for the first time, he reminded me of the typical monsters chasing Scoobydoo with his hands in the air. I then thought, why couldn't he be holding something over his head like a person or another warbeast. Then it occurred to me... Gorax looks pissed off and it's probably because some druid chained him up to a boulder. If I was chained up I'd be livid and would be raging. So this inspired me to create dead tree ripped out of the ground.
(Perhaps I could make up some rule to coincide with this modification. On Gorax's first attack he can be forced to forfeit his melee attacks and throw the tree creating a 3"AOE directly adjacent to his base. Model hit with a melee roll in this AOE would suffer a Pow 12 damage roll and the AOE would remain in effect for one round.)
Finally, take the Shadowhorn Satyr. His pose looks like he's pouting and he's about to have a Temper Tantrum. Not quite the look we're looking for is it? After looking at him for a while, He talked to me and said: Al... look at me man, I'm a boxer!  I thought "What does a boxer look like when he's about to punch someone?" So I got up off my chair and made my best Mike Tyson impression and remembered the body position for his assembly. I also thought that an extended goatee would add a little motion to his static pose... so I made a simple braided goatee.
So for those of you who are visually inspired, here are a few of my modified models. Please take into account that I'm no expert and these were some of my first models ever painted so the quality isn't fantastic. Just remember, If you don't like the look of a model, change it and make it your own.

Gorax with tree 1
Gorax with tree 2
Super Punch Out Satyr 1
Super Punch Out Satyr 2

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