Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Area effect templates

After completing the Avatar, I wanted to do something different for a change. I wasn't quite motivated to start a circle model so I looked up all my model's spell effects and feats from both my Circle and Menoth armies. I thought it would be cool to have personalized templates for all of my spells/effects that stay in play. (Inspired by RedmanPhill's Subject to Stupidity blog - wall of fire)
I came up with the following list:
Woldwatcher - 3" forest
Woldwarden - 4" forest
Druids - 3" cloud
Sentry Stone - 3" forest
Swamp Gobbers 3" Cloud/ 5" Cloud
Krueger - 3x 3" electrical storm
Baldur - 4" forest
Kromac - 4" Rift
Feora - Wall of Fire
FlameGuard Cleansers - 4" Cloud
High Reclaimer - 5x 3" Cloud
I wanted this project to be quick, easy, cheap and usable during a game. I went to the art store across the street and bought a sheet of foam card and sheet of cork for 5 euro. I cut out the templates and started going to town by gluing cork and sand to the different sized forest and rift templates. Once the glue was try I quickly painted the bases with a very large brush and a cheap dark grey acrylic paint. I then proceeded to dry-brush 3 different color tones on each template. The final steps for the forests and rift were to add some flock and create small trees with cut down toothpicks and flock. By keeping the trees small, I'm still able to place models in the template quite easily.
The wall of fire was quite easy as well. after the initial 4"x3/4" template was cut I added a small foam card wall in the middle of the template and glued it in place with toothpicks. I then rolled green stuff into two sausage shaped strips and placed them on either side of the wall. The shape of the flames was then "carved" with dental tools and an exacto knife. I added a bit of sand on the edge and did a quick paint job to imitate fire.
The Cloud and Electric storm templates suck. I really wanted something that was visually cool but still usable and the use of cotton or foam in a can wouldn't allow me to place models in the template so I figured that these would be better than nothing. I just painted them in different shades of grey.
Here are my results.


  1. Thats an excellent Wall of Fire! I have been considering a few different templates myself. They are not at all easy to do.

  2. Hey you should check out my article on making templates since you could probably save yourself some $$$:

    I really love the look of the templates you made, however!

  3. Thanks for the feedback guys. Redmanphill... you'd be surprised how easy it was. I've seen your bases for your figures,(excellent work btw) essentially, these are just large bases.
    Whitestar333... thanks for the link, I might consider something like that for the cloud AOE