Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Primed and ready

Let the games begin!
Last night I ended up making a makeshift spray paint booth in the washroom. I didn't want to chance any bad quality issues with the primer paint in the cold. It worked out fine and the fumes were expelled through the ceiling fan.
I'm still unsure of my choice of models for my first 15 points since I'm hoping to use my exemplar knights if I get the parts I ordered from PP in time. So far I've decided on Feora, Choir, Crusader and Revenger. As I paint I'll be deciding on what other models I'll be adding to the group.
Color wise, I decided on the basic colors but I tend to adjust my palette for accents as I paint depending on the look of the model.

Chocolate Brown and Bone

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rising Fury - Warmachine Grow League

I've decided to join Warmachine grow league where the objective is to paint a new army at a gradual pace. Since I'm an extremely slow painter, I might be jumping into something that might be more than I can handle in this busy period.
So far I've been very impressed by the organization and the woderful job Paradogmatic has done with the league blog. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's painted army and the progression as the weeks unfold.
I've pretty much decided on my army but am still debating between warcasters. Feora or Harbinger... I might wait to paint Harbinger at my own pace in order to give her the proper time that she deserves. I'm still putting the army together and ensuring that they are well cleaned before priming them and now that I know what models I'll most likely use, I've started to prioritize.
Until next time,
Check out the great Grow league site

Monday, February 1, 2010

Gudrun is finally finished

The procrastination is over. I finally finished Gudrun the Wanderer. It was started quite some time ago and I never quite "felt it" with this model so I always put it to the side after a couple brush strokes.
Ever since I first saw this model though, I really liked the look and his angry pose. His halberd was bending right from the start so I had to modify it. All I did was drill a hole through his hand, green stuffed the leather wrappings and make the small blade at the back. I think it turned out not bad. (the blade is 4 inches so it also helps as a measuring reference on the gaming table... hint for all my opponents) In the end the painting came through and even though I know where the flaws are, I'm quite satisfied.


New army

Recently I've been thinking about getting a second Privateer Press army so that I can have the possibility to play someone in Cyprus when we move there this summer. On a couple occasions I came close to buying a partially primed/assembled Khador army on Ebay. I really like the look of some of their models but it seemed that a lot of people at Gamer's World have this army and I wanted to get something different.

I started getting interested in Menoth after seeing the wonderful painting work by Ulfman. During the Christmas holidays, I ended up buying a partially built army with the following for just over $110. (plus shipping)

Feora Harbinger
2 x Crusaders
2 x Revengers
Holy Zealots unit
Monolith Bearer
Knights Exemplar
8 x Flameguard Cleansers
Deliverers Unit
Deliverer Sunburst Crew
3 x Wracks
Paladin Order of the wall
Exemplar Senechal
Rhupert Carvolo
and an Army Transport Platoon carrying case

It was quite a score. It took a little while to receive it but when I got it everything was in pretty good shape. Most pieces were never glued and still had the moulding bits on them. The ones that were glued came apart quite easy since they were never pinned and the glue was brittle. As expected there were missing bits but suprisingly little. (Thanks to Dave for volunteering to organize a group order.)

I've been spending my past couple nights filing the mould line down, pining and assembling the models and am enjoying the look that this army has. I've also been thinking of color schemes for my new army. I do like the standard colors of Menoth but I want something a little darker. These are after all, religious fanatics that burn heretics alive. I still haven' painted my first "trial" model but I'm leaning towards similar colors that were chosen for the High Reclaimer. The black as the main color instead of white will give the little touch of evil that I'm looking for. Speaking of the High reclaimer, I ended up buying a couple extra models to supplement this already full army. The High Reclaimer, Reclaimer and Choir Unit (4) Here are some pictures of my purchase.