Monday, December 12, 2011

Avatar completed, (more or less)

I think that this model wins my award for the longest period of time to complete from start to finish. I started it nearly two years ago and I only got in the zone with it during one painting session a week ago. All the other sessions were just weren't going right. Green stuff job was awful, Colors weren't blending quite right, dry brushing had too little or too much paint on it, the initial color chosen on the Jack's hull wasn't right... The base, the shield and the arms were the only parts that went decently smooth.
I'm happy with the modification since this was my first major one but there is a lot of improvement to be had in my green stuff manipulation and shaping.
The inspiration for this mod came from a few models that I saw on coolminiornot and from web pics of broken zealot's Avatar (Who as I just discovered, also happens to be on IABN.)
Thanks for checking it out.

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